Proposal Review - The UNM Way

Office of Sponsored Projects Proposal Team

The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Proposal Team uses an appointment-based customer service model to provide personalized, dedicated proposal reviews, and to ensure accurate and timely submissions. All proposals on behalf of the University of New Mexico Main and Branch campuses receive a review prior to sponsor-imposed deadlines that ensures compliance with 2 CFR 200 Uniform Guidance, Federal Acquisition Regulations, University policy, and sponsor proposal instructions.

As a Core Office, OSP is committed to ensuring timely and accurate reviews of proposal components, while reducing administrative burden on Principal Investigators. Proposal reviews of all types do not require in-person visits, instead the reviews are conducted remotely and engagement over the course of the review happens virtually. This is partly made possible through the use of Streamlyne, the current management system for sponsored projects. Additionally, the majority of sponsors have adopted either a portal for submitting proposals or have an electronic submission process.

The OSP Proposal Team conducts full reviews of solicited opportunities. Please note that all funded opportunities do require the following components at minimum: a scope of work, budget worksheet, budget justification, and solicitation.

In addition to ensuring compliance, OSP Sponsored Projects Specialists (SPS), work closely with Principal Investigators and research administrators. Specialists assist with proposal submission and help navigate the proposal submission process for each sponsor.  OSP manages UNM’s accounts and roles for sponsor portals for pre- and post-award management. When responding to solicited opportunities, proper access to the sponsor’s electronic portal must be obtained. Visit the Sponsor Electronic Portals page on OSP’s website for specific sponsor portal accounts. 

Proposal Review Types

The following are explanations of the different types of reviews and the expectations of the SPS and the PI or proxy:

OSP Proposal Review and Submission Appointments are advised to be scheduled as early as possible in the proposal planning and development stage, prior to the official sponsor-imposed deadline. Additionally, a Proposal Review and Submission Appointment should be scheduled promptly for review of budget documents for all funded unsolicited contracts that need to be processed and executed.

OSP Reviews are conducted by an SPS who will complete the review and submit the final proposal before the appointment has ended. In order to ensure all communication is completed during the scheduled review time, OSP does require the PI or proxy to be available and responsive to communication (via phone, email, or MS Teams) from the SPS to resolve any findings of the review and for final approval prior to submission of the proposal. Although a proposal will not be submitted for funded unsolicited contracts, we ask for the same cooperation during the scheduled review period as we complete the budget and justification review should changes or additional documents and information be needed.

  • For New Proposals, Renewals, Resubmissions, Task Orders and Unsolicited Contracts, use the Proposal Development (PD) Module in Streamlyne.
  • OSP Review Appointments are based on a first-come first-serve basis, and are scheduled by using the OSP Appointment Self-Scheduler.
  • For proposal submissions, it is the expectation of OSP that upon conclusion of the OSP Review, the reviewed and approved proposal will be submitted.
  • For a list of actions completed during a Scheduled OSP Proposal Review and Submission Appointment, please see the Proposal Review Matrix below.
  • For funded unsolicited contracts, please keep in mind that delay in scheduling or providing the contractual document(s) necessary to complete the review could impact review and execution of the contract.

Pre-Proposal or Whitepaper reviews are scheduled with OSP as a review and submission action, and they typically do not take much time to complete. In most cases a budget and budget justification are not required by the sponsor, but if they are required components, reviews can take up to two-hours to complete.

  • For Pre-Proposals, Whitepapers and Letters of Intent, use the Quick Proposal (QP) Module in Streamlyne.
  • Pre-Proposal or Whitepaper Reviews Appointments are based on a first-come first-serve basis and are scheduled by using the OSP Appointment Self-Scheduler.
  • It is the expectation of OSP that upon conclusion of the Pre-Proposal or Whitepaper Review, the reviewed and approved proposal will be submitted.

A sponsor may request an action taken on a proposal that has previously been submitted, but not yet awarded, and OSP must complete this action. Proposal modifications (Pre-award – Post-proposal submission, also known as Just-In-Time Requests) are completed by the initial proposal reviewer. Proposal Modification reviews are assigned as a review with a submission action.

  • The PI should email the SPS who submitted the initial proposal as soon as possible to ensure a timely response is submitted, or forward the email request to for additional guidance.

*UNM cannot not submit proposals to external sponsors without an OSP review

UNM Office of Sponsored Projects Proposal Review Matrix

Scheduled Proposal Review and Submission Appointment

Review PI certification of Streamlyne record and departmental routing approvals are complete

Review Principal Investigator eligibility or eligibility exception request form

Review solicitation for proposal deadline, institutional eligibility, submission method and limitations on number of proposals, ensure the proposal has been pre-authorized via Limited Competition

Review solicitation for budgetary restrictions and cost share requirements

Review Principal Investigator and key personnel have met 1% minimum effort

Review capital equipment and fabricated equipment meet the definitions per UNM Policy 7710

Review participant support costs meet the definition per UG 2 CFR 200.75

Review budget for applicable indirect cost rates and evaluate approval on reduced indirect cost rate or exception request

Review for inclusion of voluntary cost share in the budget and budget justification

Review of HSC F&A split form and budget (as applicable), if form is provided

Review annual FCOI disclosure list and PHS (as applicable) disclosure list to ensure disclosures have been completed

Review IRBIACUCexport control and other regulatory compliance is documented

Review subawards meet the definition per UF 2 CFR 200.93 and 200.331

Review subaward letter of commitment and cost share commitment as applicable. Evaluate cost sharing requirements, budget, approvals and other applicable guidelines.

Acknowledge Reps & Certs on behalf of the Regents of the University of New Mexico as applicable

Review for system errors and warnings in Streamlyne S2S,, NSPIRES, etc. as applicable

Submit Proposal Materials according to applicable guidelines or submission instructions

Reserved time with review specialist to review entire proposal and requirements during scheduled appointment time

Review solicitation, specific program publications and supplemental proposal preparation guidance to verify the proposed project is eligible for favorable sponsor review and funding consideration