How to Schedule Your Proposal Appointment - The UNM Way ™

How to Request a Scheduled Comprehensive Proposal Review and Submission Appointment

—If there are Five or More working days prior to sponsor deadline—

Step 1: Create a Cayuse record.

The process begins with a Principal Investigator (PI) or Department Administrative Staff creating a Cayuse SP proposal record by:

  • Log in through the UNM Central Authentication Service
  • Enter Username and Password and click LOGIN
  • Under Research Administration Modules, click Cayuse SP hyperlink
  • Under Proposal Dashboard, click Start New Proposal hyperlink
  • Under Start New Proposal, complete fillable text fields and required fields indicated by (*)
  • Click Save button

Once Cayuse SP is saved, the screen refreshes and a list of hyperlinks appears on the left-hand column. The General Information screen displays the newly created Cayuse SP Proposal Number in the upper left corner. This 6 digit number is unique to this proposal (i.e.19-1234)

Step 2: Schedule a Comprehensive Proposal Review and Submission Appointment

Open a new TAB to and follow the hyperlink to the Appointment Scheduler.
  • Complete the fillable text fields on the OSP Review and Submission Appointment Request Form.
  • Click Submit Form button

The request will be sent to and you will be contacted by the scheduler on the Proposal Team. The scheduler will work with the PI to coordinate a reasonable time window no less than two days prior to the official sponsor deadline to provide a comprehensive review of the PI certified proposal materials in Cayuse and applicable sponsor submission portal. Appointments are based on OSP Staff availability on a first come, first served basis. Appointments may be two to four hours in length, as determined by specific sponsor requirements and proposal complexity.

Step 3: Complete the Proposal Elements and the Cayuse SP Record

This is where you will upload all of the elements of the proposal, including a solicitation, budget, budget justification, statement of work etc. If applicable, for and submissions, create the linked Cayuse424 module. Once the proposal is completed, route the proposal record for review and approvals. The Cayuse SP record must be approved and routed to OSP prior to the scheduled appointment. The Cayuse SP record, sponsor portal-access and final version of proposal elements should be available to the assigned Proposal Specialist at the beginning of the review appointment.

Step 4: Communicate with OSP During the Scheduled Review Appointment

It is the expectation of OSP that the PI, or designated representative, make themselves available by phone or email during the last one to two hours of the appointment for revisions, if necessary, for the advancement of the proposal. During this appointment time OSP may make communicated collaborative revisions to proposal materials as necessary per established guidelines, policies, procedures, cost principles, audit requirements, regulations and/or law. It is the expectation of OSP that upon conclusion of the scheduled comprehensive proposal review, the proposal will be submitted.

—If there are less than Five working days prior to sponsor deadline—

Should a situation arise in which a scheduled comprehensive review is not possible due to the last-minute proposal request by a sponsor, or other insufficient time limitation, the proposal may still be submitted to OSP through Cayuse SP for an unscheduled essential component review.

Step 1: Create a Cayuse Record.

Step 2: Contact OSP Proposal Scheduler immediately at OSPAPPOINTMENT@UNM.EDU.

Step 3: Complete the proposal elements and route the Cayuse record to OSP. You will be contacted by the assigned Proposal Specialist for the next steps.

If an appointment time is available with an OSP Proposal Specialist, every effort to conduct a comprehensive review will be made. If no appointment time is available with an OSP Proposal Specialist, the proposal will receive an Unscheduled Essential Component Review with the scope and duration of the OSP review being limited. For proposals receiving an Essential Component Review, the PI is solely responsible for all proposal materials outside of the OSP reviewed items (Policy 2010 Section 4.3.1 and Exhibit B.1.27 Delegation of Authority).