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OSP Department Assignment

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0008Taos Branch All277-1711Shawnee Martinez
028Ctr on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions - CASAA277-0629Araceli Bello
023AMechanical Engineering277-1711Shawnee Martinez
036ACollege of AS Administration277-0591Araceli Bello
037AStudent Health and Counseling SHAC277-0591Araceli Bello
039BASM Department of Accounting277-1711Shawnee Martinez
039DASM Finance Intl Tech Mngt FIT277-1711Shawnee Martinez
045AAnthropology277-0591Araceli Bello
047OContinuing Education277-0591Araceli Bello
048Biology (All)277-0629Shawnee Martinez
048CAS Biology NM Natl Heritage Prgm277-0629Shawnee Martinez
052ASchool of Engineering277-1711Shawnee Martinez
057Center for Education Policy Research277-0591Araceli Bello
062AMulticultural Education Center MEC277-1711Shawnee Martinez
062CLatin American Programs in Education (LAPE)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
063CVPRED EPSCOR277-1711Shawnee Martinez
064Global Education Office277-0629Shawnee Martinez
069BBER/ GPS / Institute of Applied Research Services (All)277-0629Araceli Bello
076ASW Hispanic Research Institute (SHRI)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
107AUniversity Libraries277-1711Shawnee Martinez
124AHarwood Foundation277-0629Shawnee Martinez
133A/BEarth and Planetary Sciences277-0591Araceli Bello
133CInstitute of Meteoritics277-0591Araceli Bello
144ALos Alamos Branch277-1711Shawnee Martinez
151AGallup Branch277-0591Araceli Bello
182ACenter for Emerging Energy Technologies (CEET)277-0591Araceli Bello
186Economics (All)277-0591Araceli Bello
191AOffice of Strategic Initiatives277-1711Shawnee Martinez
224ASM Admin/Development Office (All)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
233AValencia Branch277-0629Araceli Bello
234BUNM Childrens Campus Admininstration277-1711Shawnee Martinez
235AVice President for Equity & Inclusion (Also LGBTQ)277-0591Araceli Bello
247AKNME - TV277-0591Araceli Bello
252AENLACE - Div for Equity and Inclusion277-0629Shawnee Martinez
271AElectrical Computer Engineering (ECE)277-0629Araceli Bello
272AArt Museum277-0591Araceli Bello
280ACenter for Teaching Excellence (CTE)277-0591Araceli Bello
281ACenter for Water & the Environment (CWE)277-0629Araceli Bello
282ACOSMIAC277-0591Araceli Bello
286AA & S Interdisciplinary Programs277-0629Shawnee Martinez
286BCenter for Stable Isotopes (under Biology)277-0629Shawnee Martinez
288ANSMS Nano Science & Micro Systems277-1711Shawnee Martinez
290AVP of Div Enrollment Mgmt Office277-0591Araceli Bello
303AInstitute for Professional Development (IPD)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
307AUNM West277-1711Shawnee Martinez
315AInformation Technologies277-0629Shawnee Martinez
326AChemical and Biological Engineering277-0629Shawnee Martinez
327ANuclear Engineering277-1711Shawnee Martinez
330AAmerican Studies277-0591Araceli Bello
333AInstitute for American Indian Rsrch277-1711Shawnee Martinez
334AStudent Affairs HSI Initiatives277-1711Shawnee Martinez
334BStudent Affairs STEM Projects277-1711Shawnee Martinez
334BOSTEM Collaborative Center277-1711Shawnee Martinez
343ACradle to Career Policy Institute277-0591Araceli Bello
353Health Exercise Sports Sci Physical Educ277-0591Araceli Bello
365ACntr Interdisciplinary Rsrch277-0591Araceli Bello
375Ed Leadership & Org Learning277-0629Shawnee Martinez
390School of Public Administration277-0591Araceli Bello
394AManufacturing Engineering277-1711Shawnee Martinez
402AKUNM277-0591Araceli Bello
429AVP of CEOP (Student Affairs)277-0629Shawnee Martinez
433ACenter for High Tech Materials (CHTM)277-0591Araceli Bello
456ACivil Engineering277-0629Araceli Bello
457AGraduate Studies (OGS)277-0629Araceli Bello
459AMusic277-1711Shawnee Martinez
474AInst for Space & Nuclear Power (ISNPS)277-0629Araceli Bello
476AUC Chicano Studies277-1711Shawnee Martinez
484APolitical Science277-1711Shawnee Martinez
515School of Architecture & Planning/ABM (All)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
522College of Education (All)277-0591Araceli Bello
526ANM School Leadership Institute - (NMLI)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
527Center for Student Success277-0591Araceli Bello
559AInternational Studies Institute (ISI)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
583AFamily Development Program277-0629Araceli Bello
588ASchool of Law (All)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
595AArt & Art History277-0591Araceli Bello
597ALinguistics277-1711Shawnee Martinez
615EARTS Lab277-0591Araceli Bello
616ANative American Studies277-1711Shawnee Martinez
617ALatin American Iberian Institute (LAII)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
650AComputer Science277-0591Araceli Bello
652ATheater and Dance Performance (All)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
663ACtr for Adv. Research Computing277-0591Araceli Bello
682Institute for Medieval Studies277-1711Shawnee Martinez
687AHistory277-1711Shawnee Martinez
688AProvost Office277-1711Shawnee Martinez
694College of Fine Arts277-0591Araceli Bello
694EInterdisciplinary Film & Digital Media277-1711Shawnee Martinez
704ASpanish & Portuguese277-1711Shawnee Martinez
707Physics & Astronomy A&B277-1711Shawnee Martinez
707ECenter for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC)277-0591Araceli Bello
726AUNM Public Events277-1711Shawnee Martinez
734AIndividual Family Comm Educ (IFCE)277-0591Araceli Bello
740Ctr for Micro Engineering Materials (CMEM)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
765Psychology277-1711Shawnee Martinez
787University Honors Program277-1711Shawnee Martinez
795ADept of Teacher Education277-0591Araceli Bello
798AVP Research & Economic Development277-0591Araceli Bello
800AAfrican American Studies277-0591Araceli Bello
838AInstitute for Public Law (IPL)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
839ACommunication and Journalism277-1711Shawnee Martinez
842ALanguage Literacy Sociocultural LL277-0591Araceli Bello
842GIndian Education277-0629Araceli Bello
850AUniversity Library Endowments277-1711Shawnee Martinez
856AForeign Languages & Literature277-0629Araceli Bello
860AGeography277-0629Araceli Bello
866AVP Student Affairs277-0591Araceli Bello
869AMath and Statistics277-1711Shawnee Martinez
889AChemistry Department277-0591Araceli Bello
901Philosophy277-1711Shawnee Martinez
903ASpeech and Hearing Sciences277-1711Shawnee Martinez
923AEnglish277-0629Araceli Bello
929AEngineering Student Services277-0629Araceli Bello
931Sociology and Institute for Social Research (275A)277-0591Araceli Bello
937Maxwell Museum (All)277-0591Araceli Bello
937COffice of Contract Archeology277-1711Shawnee Martinez
942El Centro de La Raza277-0629Araceli Bello
971Division of Ed Specialties277-0591Araceli Bello
985Earth Data Analysis Center - EDAC277-0591Araceli Bello
976Ctr for Research Env Sci & Tech (CREST)277-0629Araceli Bello
984BChief Information Officer / IT277-0629Araceli Bello
986Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBME)277-1711Shawnee Martinez
989ATamarind Institute277-0591Araceli Bello
568ACinematic Arts Department277-0629Araceli Bello
329AInstitutional Research277-1711Shawnee Martinez
031APresident Office277-1711Shawnee Martinez
065AResearch DTRA277-0591Araceli Bello
158BUniversity College277-1711Shawnee Martinez
493AUniversity Library Center for SW Research277-1711Shawnee Martinez
430AUniversity Press UP277-1711Shawnee Martinez

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